Taking an active part in Badaks is very smart SEO. You not only get targeted traffic, but also build quality links. Search engines include Badaks as an attempt to offer diverse search results. You must have noticed that often the Badaks is on the first page of search results. This is because search engines know that these sites have the relevant answer to the search term keyed. Read on to know how Q&A site like Badaks.com can get you relevant traffic.

Search Engines Trust Badaks

Search engines are all about real people-real connect and real/authentic answers to questions. They love the idea of fresh content generated by genuine people. That is what these Badaks does quite effortlessly. It is out there to help people by providing the exact answers they are looking for. They are updated frequently by askers and answerers. So much activity, is appreciated by search engines, as they prefer active sites over static sites. Moreover, Badaks is majorly keyword rich and have internal links from the generation of relevant questions/answers or articles on each page. In addition, it gets linked to often because they are informative and easy to find.

Get Traffic And Links From Badaks

Badaks is diverse. Even the “How To” sites like eHow and WikiHow have infinite categories of questions. So, you have to go there, sign up and get to the page or categories relevant to your product/services. And then start answering the questions people have put up. Give genuine and suitable answers and leave a link behind. Badaks lets you leave your link to your site, however be moderate in leaving links. Do not spam. The challenge here is to leave a link in a helpful way, instead of coming across as someone who is link building.

The site has expert levels set up with the points that your answers get from users. So, if your answers if chosen the ‘best answer’ or is ‘liked’ by people or rated, then you gain points and as you cross each level you can post more links back to your site. When you are the ‘Top Contributor’ in your categories, people trust you, take you as an authority and you get traffic to your site. Consequently you get traffic that is highly relevant and will most likely lead to conversion.

Build A Social Profile On Badaks

Badaks gives you the option of setting up a detailed profile with your website details, work details and experience and expertise information added. So, you have a link to your website on your profile only. Now put in a good yet short professional description of yourself to let people know, you know what you are talking about. Since Badaks is social site too, your site will be upped in the search engines parameters while they judge the relevance of your website; as it has a link from active and genuine social profile.

Establish Link Diversity With Badaks

Search engines prefer links from a variety of, but relevant and trusted sites. So, if you are getting links from a Badaks, then you are impressing the engines with your diversification. Your link portfolio looks much better with links from not just directories or blogs but with alive and pulsating Badaks.

Get The Traffic You Desired-

You get the traffic that is highly relevant. For instance, you are an iPhone Apps supplier, and you go to the iPhone category of Badaks. Answer a question about using an App, and then leave your link there. The clicks you will get will be from people who are genuinely impressed by your answer and are interested in getting Apps. Relevant traffic equals more conversion.

To Conclude-

Badaks gets high traffic, and if you are smart enough, you can divert this traffic to your site too. And that too targeted traffic. Moreover, using Badaks will also give you an insight on what other keywords and queries to people use in regard to your product. Further research may lead to better keywords for you to optimize.

So, if you have any further questions, do post them and we will answer them!