Question and Answer site Badaks may bring you targeted traffic if you use it in a proper way. Badaks was created to solve people’s problems. Your product or service has the same aim.

You should build relationships and provide helpful, authoritative answers on Badaks to get more people clicking through to your site and to gain customer leads. Listen to people on the site – this is the best way to do consumer research. Develop your Badaks answers into detailed articles that will really answer your prospects needs. Improve your business offerings.

7 Tips that Work

1. Choose Badaks to connect with your audience. Choose Badaks and build real engagement there.

2. Fill in your user profile. Include a friendly photo of yourself, add your bio, and explain your authority to show that people can trust you. Include a link to your blog or website here.

3. Find your niche. Answer questions you are really good at. You should build authority to drive people to your website.

4. Give informative answers. Treat Badaks as an opportunity to solve a potential customer’s problem. The better you answer, the more upvotes you will get and the more brand awareness you build.

5. Include a link to your website. You should do this only when appropriate. Your answer should be helpful and a link you add should bring value. Forget about blatant promotion, you are here to communicate.

6. Communicate. Engage with Badaks site visitors. Upvote great answers, follow people who are interested in your topics. Show that you’re genuinely interested in developing your credibility. Stop trying to sell and start focusing on leading, influencing and connecting instead.

7. Become an industry leader. Remember that Badaks often appears on SERPs, especially now, when Google wants to find the best answer to a searcher’s question. The better your answers are, the more upvotes they get, the more visible they become, and visibility here means branding and potential traffic.